Green Star Rating for J.T. Ross Building

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With its impressive position on La Lucia Ridge, the RydallViews building at Rydall Vale Office Park is the first building in the J.T. Ross property portfolio to be awarded a Green Star Rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

The building which offers a total gross floor area of 2 828mand a commercial office area of 2 647mwas adjudicated on the following criteria in order to achieve its 4-Star Green Star SA – Office v1 Design Rating:

  • The project has reduced its peak energy demand by 37% via the installation of an ice storage chilled water system.
  • The electrical system is highly efficient, with motion sensors in the office area. Sub metering of energy and water has been included in the design, and a BMS monitors all usage.
  • Hot water is provided by heat pump. Water is reduced through the use of low flow fittings, and a/c condensate is collected for use in the change room toilets.
  • 15 litres of fresh air is provided per second per person ensuring that there is little chance of indoor pollutant build up in the usable area.
  • All paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets specified in the base building contained low levels of volatile organic compounds.

Currently home to BDO, RydallViews can accommodate another tenant requiring 1 500min office space.

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