JT Ross is a property owner and developer, dealing directly with clients and businesses seeking
commercial space. We operate nationally in South Africa with growing investment prospects in the United Kingdom and Europe.
We value the key partnerships fostered with commercial property brokers nationally and internationally, working on
industry regulated commission structures. Integral to our business are the professional teams and service providers
aligned with our business philosophy, development process and ongoing management of all commercial space.


Established in 1902, JT Ross has a longstanding history of quality workmanship, innovative developments and significant achievements.
Below are a few highlights marking the company's journey over the last 115 years.


When Job Opportunities become available they will be posted on our website. Note that only job adverts on our website are valid. Notices on third party websites should be disregarded. JT Ross is a development and property company with a passion for providing all-round property solutions for corporate clients. Quality, integrity and reliability form the backbone of the company and with 115 years of innovation, JT Ross remains a family owned business with a trusted reputation.

Email should you have any queries.